Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New in: strike

Aller guten Dinge sind neun. Deswegen gibt es neun, fabelhafte neue Teile rund um meinen Schrank.

Nine fab new pieces. That's what I call a strike.

 Red bag by Fiorelli. I knew that I needed a red bag, but when I found this one right here I realized how  badly I really needed a red bag.

                     This was a gift, so I can`t tell where it is from or who made it. But it is stunning!

                                           Cheesy? Nooo way. Necklace via New Yorker

 My first pumps since the last time (at age fourteen maybe?) I glued myself into some of these. Thanks to the shape of my feet I can`t really wear shoes like that. But these are surprisingly - okay. Still not sure if I should get some tape... By La Strada via TKMaxx.

                                                                Dress via TKMaxx.

Found this super cute embroided white shirt at Cubus. I knew the stores Cubus had in Poland and I always liked their clothes. And now I found a store in my neighborhood. Sooo great.

                                                     It was love at first sight. By Cubus.

                             I always love me a nice, warm cardi. I scored this one at TKMaxx.

Last but not least: My new super cool leather jacket by Mango. My parents got me this as my "moving to Hamburg"-present. They are the best!

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