Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New in: Pretty stuff

Ich habe wieder ein bisschen gesammelt und meinen Kleiderschrank neu befüllt mit hübschen Teilen. Irgendwie hat man ja nie was zum anziehen. Und Achtung: Monster-post!

New pretty stuff. Because somehow I never have anything to wear. Be ready for a monster-post....

I love this black studded cross body bag by Steve Madden. It's not too tiny and offers enough space for daily essentials.

I have a little obsession for grey sweaters. Especially for the plane ones. Maybe you remember this one from H&M. I like the short sleeves from this one by Tommy Hilfiger.

Another grey sweater via TkMaxx.

Instant cardi-love via TkMaxx.

New skinny jeans by Earnest Sewn. I wear denim a lot and dark blue skinnies are always welcomed.

New jeans? New belt! TkMaxx.

Long dress by New Yorker for summer.

Slouchy, super comfy pants by New Yorker. Love that print.

Leona Lewis Blush brush by The Body Shop. It's sooo soft and it's on sale right now!

Fancy top (the back of it) via TkMaxx.

Another pretty shirt I got at TkMaxx.

Scarf number 273, I guess. This printed beauty is from TkMaxx.

Let me introduce you to my new Juicy Couture shades. Fingers crossed that the sun will not only show up, but stay!

Just in case the sun doesn't show up that much: New jacket via New Yorker.

And last but not least: New booties by Fossil. I know that its summer, finally. But I couldn't resist. Too pretty.

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